“I have been to see Lori 5 or 6 times and she has blown me away every time!  Lori’s gift is incredible and I am more then blessed to have been able to see her. Lori has helped me with many things with talking to the other side and with closure. Lori, you are CRAZY GOOD!!”



“LoriAnn provided a heart healing experience for me. Accuracy was incredible, atmosphere and delivery was very comfortable. I would highly recommend to anyone.”



“LoriAnn is amazing! Her talent is incredible! Just that 1 hour has helped me heal so much knowing my mom who passed away just over a week ago is at peace and always around. I knew I felt her but Lori was spot on, there were a few things I’ll have to figure out but I think they just haven’t happened yet. I mean she knew things that no one knew about a recent dream I had of her and a sighting I saw of her before I could even start a sentence.”



“Honestly the event was not what I had expected. I was often emotionally moved by the connections you made with our audience. To see their state of peace and relief after they talked to you was very much impactful and I can’t wait to have to back!”

– Marie, Marketing North Star Casino


” You told me years ago my daughter was going to be a famous actress someday…that dance would take her there. She just got signed theatrically and commercially by an awesome agent out here in L.A, big league stuff. She is so excited to see what the future brings with this. To think all those years ago you could see what her focus would end up being in the long run.. so cool!!”