Midwest Academy of Natural Senses Debuts with the Teachings of Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith

Psychic Lori Ann’s Midwest Academy of Natural Senses “where the supernatural becomes natural,” will launch as a school of Psychic Mediumship in August with a 5-day intensive training taught by Minister Matthew Smith, a notable psychic  from England.

We often think of humans having five natural senses. But there is a sixth sense, one that many of us believe is also a truly natural sense. We have it in it’s purest form as children but some adults feel compelled to stifle it. And, quite typically we are taught by them to stop believing in our sixth sense.

“The ability to perceive or experience the subtle-dimension through the five subtle-senses, subtle-mind and subtle-intellect is what is known as one’s sixth sense,” explains the Spiritual Science Research Foundation.

At my Academy, we believe that freely accessing these Six Natural Senses are our God-given right. There is something far greater than the average day-to-day, get-and-spend work week. We believe “true” work on connecting with Spirit will set you free, to be ever present in the here and the now, in the know. It is my passion to open doors between mankind and Spirit. That skill or perceptual ability that you sensed in early childhood is not lost. It has just been set aside and we are here to assist you in picking it back up, reclaiming it and polishing it up a bit with regular practice and helpful coaching. With that in mind, we bring you learning opportunities and a pathway to self-knowledge.

For more than 30 years, work with Spirit has taken Minister Matthew Smith all over the world, demonstrating and teaching in Australia, America, all over Europe and in the United Kingdom. This summer, Psychic Lori Manns opens her Midwest Academy of Natural Senses bringing Matthew Smith from England for a 5-day intensive workshop.

Matthew Smith’s 5-Day Intensive: “The Confident Medium”

Join Matthew Smith and Lori Manns  for five days of captivating and inspiring lectures coupled with workshop training from August 25-29 1 in Appleton, Wisconsin. We intend to build your level of confidence as a medium while expanding the realm of your sensitivities. Minister Matthew Smith is an international medium who teaches spiritual mediumship at the renowned Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England as well as at various organisations around the world – now including here in Appleton Wisconsin at the Midwest Academy of Natural Senses. Matthew’s teachings are based on common sense. They are practical and will make a difference in your approach to a power which is sacred and divine.

This course will be limited to 28 students in order to insure a high level of personal interaction and instruction. The days run from 10am until 5pm with ample opportunity for you to practice the various techniques which you will be taught. For answers to questions, further information or program details, please contact Lori by phone or email Lori@psychiclori.net. The 5-day course runs from Thursday, August 25 to Monday, August 29.

Click to register and reserve your spot (29 seats available).
$525 for the five-day course…

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Registration and payment in full must be completed by August 1, 2016 to guarantee your enrollment.

Accommodations are recommended right nearby at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel on College Avenue in Appleton, within easy walking distance of the Midwest Academy of Psychic Studies located right nearby in the Zuelke Building. Special rate is available at $99 by mentioning that you are attending the “Mediumship Class with LoriAnn” at Midwest Academy of Natural Senses.

Opening Day’s Agenda:

Thursday, August 25
9.30 registration
10 am lecture “The Confident Medium”
11 am Coffee discussion
11.30 am Workshop Working with your sensitivity
1 pm Lunch

2 pm workshop Positive language
3.30 pm comfort break
3.45 pm Workshop understanding the power

If you would like to know more about Matthew, his work or the courses he is teaching on please either email him on spiritus4u@aol.com or visit his website at www.matthewinspires.co.uk

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