Midwest Academy of Natural Senses (MANS) Begins Courses in Psychic Development

We are typically led to think of humans as having five senses. But there is a sixth sense, one that many of us believe is also a truly natural sense.

We have intuition in many forms and in its purest state as children, but some adults feel compelled to stifle it. And, quite often we are taught by them to stop believing in our sixth sense.

“The ability to perceive or experience the subtle-dimension through the five subtle-senses, subtle-mind and subtle-intellect is what is known as one’s sixth sense,” explains the Spiritual Science Research Foundation.

“At my Academy, we believe that freely accessing these Six Natural Senses is our God-given right,” says Psychic Lori Ann Manns. “There is something far greater than the average day-to-day, get-and-spend work week. I believe ‘true’ work on connecting with Spirit will set you free, to be ever present in the here and the now, in the know.”

For many years she has dreamed of developing a school where anyone who retains a belief or a memory of their higher intuitive powers can join with others to polish and refine their psychic skills. Last summer, the first stage was completed in launching a 5-day intensive workshop here in Wisconsin at the MANS Academy with the notable international medium Matthew Smith who teaches spiritual mediumship at the renowned Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England.

Now, MANS Academy has a dedicated website and is now accepting registrations in two 8-week courses launching at the end of February:

“It is my passion to open doors between mankind and Spirit. That skill or perceptual ability that you sensed in early childhood is not lost. It has just been set aside and we are here to assist you in picking it back up, reclaiming it and polishing it up a bit with regular practice and helpful coaching. With that in mind, we bring you learning opportunities and a pathway to self-knowledge.” – Lori Ann Manns

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