16 years a professional stage medium LoriAnn can help guide you

If you are having intuitive flashes and or experiencing mediumship-type events such as seeing Spirit, hearing Spirit, or being woken up at night by “something,” I am here to help, NO MATTER YOUR AGE.

I have had the experiences you may be having throughout my entire life, and I once wished for anyone to help explain them. It wasn’t until I found the Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Psychic Science in London, England that I started to understand “I’m not crazy!”

I will spend our first session assessing your gifts. Then I will put together a plan just for you, based on your gifts to enable you to blossom and grow your skills. I can show you the way to become a reader, a stage medium, and a death doula, as you desire. I look forward to helping you develop and reach your personal goals.