About LoriAnn

In my early 40s, I decided to begin refining my natural gift of psychic awareness and spirit communications by enrolling at The Arthur Findlay College in London, the number one metaphysical college in the world.

This commitment came after researching – on my own – anything and everything I could get my hands on. I coupled my research with a lot of travel, trying to figure out this “gift” of being able to speak with people who have passed beyond the material plane. I wanted to know how to use it correctly to help others without harming.

At The Arthur Findlay College, I found the answers to so many of the questions I had been seeking. My first visit to England was literally and figuratively mind blowing. I came to realize the full dimension of the gifts I have been blessed with… and others saw it too.

I was raw and untutored, unaware of all the different areas of awareness that one can explore and cultivate. Some people have to work very hard to make progress and others are like an uncut diamond, full of light just waiting to be released. I definitely was a stand out, not realizing that I was immersed in classes with other far more experienced mediums from around the world.  At Arthur Findlay College, they teach students to read people with our eyes closed, so you learn to manifest a link between the spirit world and your client without “knowing” anything about them, including what they look like. This way, you are not reading their body language, eye movement or other subtle verbiage.

I continue to extend myself in order to be the best that I can be and return to The Arthur Findlay College each year to further my experiential knowledge and training at. In doing so I am able to train with greats such as: Leah Bond, Collin Bates, Janet Nohavec, Mavis Pitilla and many more!

All of this allows me to assist my clients in healing their sense of loss by providing a bridge of knowledge to confirm that their loved ones are safe and settled in a beautiful, new existence of their own. And yet they remain available, free to visit when they wish to or as they are called upon by mediums to help in healing or solving problems here in the material world.