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Sometimes, the greatest gift LoriAnn can provide is to connect family on this side with family on the other side and allow each to say, “Hello, I love you.”

Evidential Psychic Medium LoriAnn
“I connect to loved ones on the other side by reading energy, working with spirit guides and spiritual helpers. This allows me to help give closure to questions the family may have.”LoriAnn

Reconnecting with your loved-ones that have crossed over is a beautiful part of the healing process, one that we all must go through whenever we experience the death of a physical body. LoriAnn uses her strong abilities to communicate directly with the spirits of your loved-ones who have passed to bring you evidence, things that only they would know and proof that they are still very much a part of your life, still connected with you and have messages for you. Sometimes, it takes more than just telling yourself that they are in a better place now, for you to commence living your life once again. This is why LoriAnn feels very blessed to be able to “fill in the blanks” for you through her evidential readings, bringing you peace and the grace to make the right changes.

  • 1 Hour:  Individual Mediumship Reading   – $300  (purchase below)
    • Allows time for 2-4 contacts and brief time for questions and answers.
    • Available via phone or video (FaceTime, Skype or Zoom)
  • 1 Hour:  2 Person Mediumship Reading  – $375 (purchase below)
    • Allows time for 2-4 contacts and brief time for questions and answers.
    • Available via phone or video (FaceTime, Skype or Zoom)
    • Due to the personal nature of Mediumship sessions additional attendee must be a family member or spouse

  • 1-hour Mediumship Session: $300
  • You may add an additional “family” member to a session for $75 dollars
  • Psychic Readings (30-minute)

    Many people find themselves skeptical about consulting a psychic. Some say it’s because they don’t want to know what’s going to happen or they don’t want to dwell upon what a psychic says or that they simply are afraid that someone might know so much about them simply by being in a room with them. LoriAnn always works from a place of love and she assures all her clients that psychic work is simply a probability of the future, based upon the direction that your life is moving in at the present moment. Just as your life can change, so can the results of LoriAnn’s readings.

    Often, we feel that we cannot understand why something keeps happening or why it is that we are trying so hard to be successful in all areas of our life but we find that instead, it seems to get frustrating and difficult. A lot of the time, with psychic work, it helps you to “see the light” in your life. It gives you hope that you aren’t stuck and that the feelings you are feeling are what many people go through every day.

    By combining all her gifts. LoriAnn helps people find and follow with their individual life’s path …by healing, helping and coaching. This allows them to move forward in life, comfortably and without fear. Whether the focus is on love, money, career, relationships, gambling or any other stressful aspect of life, she can help guide you.

    (Readings require a $25 deposit when scheduling. Deposit counts towards session cost. You will be contacted via the email provided at checkout within 1 business day to schedule your session)

    • Mediumship readings require a 1-hour session. 30-minute sessions are for Psychic readings only
    • Available via phone or video (FaceTime, Skype or Zoom)

  • 30-minute Psychic Reading: $165
  • 1-hour Psychic Reading: $275
  • 90-minute Psychic & Mediumship Session: $400
  • Group Readings (2 hours, in person or video via Zoom)

    (Group readings require a $100.00 deposit when scheduling.  Deposit counts towards session cost. You will be contacted via the email provided at checkout within 1 business day to schedule your session) 

    LoriAnn enjoys working with larger groups to demonstrate to people that there is a possibility of an afterlife and that we can communicate with our loved ones, and with spirit.

    LoriAnn is available for private groups, parties and corporate functions hosted at your venue or home. LoriAnn may be unable to provide personal messages for every guest at large parties but welcomes larger groups up to 25 people. Group sessions last about 2 hours in which LoriAnn answers questions and connects with your loved ones. A few questions about psychic work and mediumship can be answered after the session

    Group readings up to 9 people – $999 

    (plus .50 cents per mile traveled if applicable)

    Group readings 10-25+ people – Please contact me for a specific quote based on audience size    

    (plus .50 cents per mile traveled if applicable)

    Psychic Development Mentoring (1 hour or more)

    “LoriAnn not only uses her gifts to help others, she teaches them!”
    Mediums may be born, but everyone is psychic. LoriAnn can help you to develop your skills and increase your intuition to help guide you to making the correct decisions in your life or even to grow enough to become a reader yourself! (Ages 16+)

    Helpful information prior to your session 

    • LoriAnn does not require or prefer any personal information prior to your session
    • Voice recording your session is allowed. Most who choose to do so simply record on their phone
    • Group sessions ARE available for In person at your home, however please reach out to inquire on scheduling availability prior to purchase
    • You many wonder if your session will be the same over the phone or video compared to an in person session. Your session experience does will not differ! LoriAnn is able to give the same experience, information and quality over the phone and video while keeping all clients safe and healthy during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
    • Please be sure to check your spam email if you have purchased a deposit or session and have not heard from LoriAnn via email after 1 business day