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Psychic Lori Ann Manns

Midwest Psychic Medium – LoriAnn

“My passion is found in helping and coaching others through mediumship and psychic work.”

Psychic LoriPsychic Medium LoriAnn is internationally recognized as one of the most detailed, evidential mediums since John Edwards. She has worked with Lisa Willliams, studies at the world’s most recognized metaphysical college of our time, The Arthur Findlay College in Essex, England. LoriAnn makes guest appearances and provides readings on a number of radio shows including “Angels and Answers,” “Para x radio,” numerous BlogTalkRadio shows and many others where you’ll hear her voice helping and healing her listeners. LoriAnn connects to “the other side” without using any tools or props. For more than a decade, she has been sharing her gift with thousands of people, helping them heal and find closure. As she continues to travel the globe providing both mediumship and her applied psychic intuition, LoriAnn hopes to assist you in moving forward on your spiritual path.

“For more than 15 years I have been helping my clients by providing evidence through personal, telephone, skype and email readings. Helping people by using this wonderful gift is the delight of my life. I am pleased to be able to connect on a global basis, meeting more people through all sorts of contact and media. I am grateful for the emerging communications resources provided by the Internet because it permits me to help and interact with people across all borders.”

My Website offers you an opportunity to get to know me, my work and my services.
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“LoriAnn has the kind of personality that lights up a room and makes heads turn. Her clients and friends admire her kindness and genuine loving heart which never goes unnoticed.”

“She’s quite different from the cliche that comes to mind when I think of a ‘psychic medium’ …a far cry from the hoop-ear-ringed hippy who gazes into a crystal ball and ‘speaks to the dead’.”

NOTE: LoriAnn is actually a mom with two children, a grandmother to a pair of sweet young girls, an abstract artist, a lover of fine wines, a great friend, a confident and a world traveler with a passion for nature.